Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Black Skimmers in Prospect Park

A funny thing last evening at a BBQ on the 4th, I mentioned to birder friends Mary and Steve that this time now is best going to Prospect Lake to look for Black Skimmers. I received an email from Katherine Brown who witnessed seeing BLACK SKIMMERS in Prospect just when I made my prediction. Read her post. Katherine's sighting represents the first of the year for Black Skimmers, which typically are seen in the evening,most times feeding on the lake. A summer tradition is back--skimmer watching.... --Kingsboider

From Katherine :

Black skimmer sighting this eve 4th of July
Thought maybe you'd like to know they are about, they flew right over us on the patio at dusk, first was a set of three birds, then 10 mins later 2 birds, much closer and we all had a good look the second time round. So close we could see the red on their face and the odd looking bill and the distinct B&W coloring and large gull like sizing, second sighting confirmed everything we noted the first time. I grew up as an amateur ornithologist in the UK so i have a sort of an eye for these things.

Anyway thought you'd like to know, they were headed east to west from prospect park, over us on the roof at 14th street and 8th avenue.