Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane bullseye : NYC ?

It looks like maybe NYC is in Irene's "eye " which would be the first by a hurricane since 1821. ( yes, 180 years ago)..I dread to see what Prospect Park ( and the local green areas)  will look like Monday .... : (

but worse still ,  catastrophic damage is in the forecast, especially the low lying areas like Rockaway, Sea Gate, Coney Island from storm surge,floods, 85 + mph winds...Thing will look drastically different ....

A friend sent me this link regarding a Whimbrel with a tracking device , that this bird actually flew into Irene...

here's the story and link below.  Anyway, be very careful out there and be safe.Stay indoors Sunday.

Scientists Track Shorebird into Hurricane Irene

(Williamsburg, VA)---Scientists have tracked a migrating shorebird into Hurricane Irene. The shorebird, a whimbrel migrating from Canada to South America left Southampton Island in upper Hudson Bay on Saturday, flew out over the open ocean and appears to have encountered the outer bands of Irene on Tuesday. The bird named Chinquapin flew through the dangerous northeast quadrant of the storm during the day on Wednesday. It is being tracked by a small satellite transmitter and is scheduled to transmit a new set of positions within the next day. In 2010 this same bird flew around Tropical Storm Colin while a second bird flew into the storm and did not survive.

and more from National Geographic