Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene Aftermath

I saw on CBS NEWS  this morning a televised shot from their mobile unit ( reporter Tony Aiello) with Marty Markowitz (in the back seat), a likely big Norway Maple blocking completely Prospect Park Southwest Ave at Seeley Street.  I  would hate to see what's down inside the park..Will see Monday..

By the way, how the name Hurricane was given to these type of storms?

From the Carib Indians of the West Indies named after their mythological god "The Evil One" HURACAN. Later Spanish explorers changed it to Hurricane , its present name form.
The eye passed over NYC at 9 am but disintegrated as it did going at a 25 mph clip; nevertheless, the first time such a hurricane eye passed over NYC since 1821!
I hope everyone slept well ( I didn't cause i had to watch the backyard drain for clogging) and were safe.