Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Expired American Woodcock

I received an inquiry yesterday to identify a bird carcass that was found on the street curb below the Smith -9th Street train station in the Carroll Gardens section of  Brooklyn. Likely the bird died from a collision with a nearby window or building or some sort of infrastructure obstruction ( steel frame, beam,etc)

It is an unfortunate occurrence that not every bird makes it journey to its intended destination.A fact stated  from "Birds in Migration", by Paul Kerlinger ( I  think this is the book) that only 30 % of migrants successfully complete their journeys, a sobering fact that also requires us to be vigilant in conserving habitats and addressing issues that are deathtraps for the remaining 30% .These are things like reflective windows, wind turbines ( yes, they are now being looked at with disdain) , feral cats and so on.


Correction : On the 30 % "fact, I recalled the book might have been Scott Wiedensaul's book "Living on the Wing"