Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tonights BBC prog reminder; list from Sunday

Dont forget tonights lecture "Birding Israel" , presented by Eric Salzman

Venue Litchfield Villa conference room, 630 gathering, 7 pm presentation.

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From Michele reporting on last Sunday's walk

Vinnie and Eni led the 8 am walk on one of the most beautiful Sundays of the year. The group of 9 walked over to the Ballfields in search of the eastern bluebirds. They met back at the center with the 10 am group. 8 more people joined and we hit the vale.

We saw the oriole right away. The Swamp Sparrow joined us for a while. Then we got such good looks at a downy woodpecker that we were able to see it's tongue dart in and out of the hole in the tree trunk.

We went to the sparrow bowl and saw the vesper sparrow and two red bats! It was funny that some dog walkers didn't notice them flying right over their heads.

See you all on Sunday December 4 at 10am.
Here's the November list:



Red tailed hawk

White throated sparrow

Red eyed vireo

Golden crowned kinglet

Hermit thrush

Tufted titmouse

(Heard) chickadee


House sparrow

Swamp sparrow

Baltimore oriole  (late)

Downy woodpecker

Vesper sparrow

Ring-billed gull

American Coot

Eastern red bat