Tuesday, May 12, 2009

addendum to May 12th

On my way to the Prospect Boathouse for a NYC Audubon meeting workshop on the breeding bird survey ( more on this in another post for more volunteers and help i need to cover), I happened to look up above the Maryland monument.A shape with an erect posture i knew was a flycatcher confirmed my guess when i saw two white wing turfs indicative of OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER. This boreal species is a high quality migrant for Prospect Park.

After my meeting, I went another way , over the Binnen Falls. There I watched with intrigue a trio of nicely tinted birds: PURPLE FINCH male, two male INDIGO BUNTINGS and a male BALTIMORE ORIOLE , all feeding in the Bald Cypress tree overlooking the falls. The Purple Finch was especially gratifying to watch as it perched upside down on the branch to reveal its raspberry plumage, with both Indigo Buntings just above it. How is that for a nice color combination!

early eve list

PURPLE FINCH-Bald Cypress at Binnen Falls;male
INDIGO BUNTING-Bald Cypress at Binnen Falls;2 males
BALTIMORE ORIOLE-Bald Cypress at Binnen Falls;male
CHIMNEY SWIFT-~20 flyovers
GREAT EGRET-three sisters islands
RED-TAILED HAWK-3 flyover Lookout Hill
Double-Crested Cormorant- 2 flocks, est 75 birds , flyover along east wood

Kingsboider note: this eve I received an email from Elizabeth White .She saw RUSTY BLACKBIRD in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Native Flora Section