Monday, January 23, 2012

Astounding find on the western Brooklyn coast Friday the 13th

An injured bird washed ashore on Friday January 13th ( unlucky day )at the under development new park Bush Terminal Park slated to open in the near future. Unfortunately, the construction foreman Paul whom I have the pleasure of meeting along with my friend Bart Chezar for the future Osprey platform ( which I helped consulted), emailed me when I was off from work where Paul emailed me so I could provide animal rescue services information. Fortunately, Paul did find an excellent certified animal rescue expert who took the bird in.

Not knowing what the species was yet Paul correctly identified then( and he is not a birder!), I asked for a photo.I got the photo today which I am posting here. Last report was the bird is recovering from a life threatening injury it suffered.(and I thought it was a common waterfowl species)

Yep, I can't believe it but it is: a DOVEKIE.