Friday, January 6, 2012

Feeders are back! Cell Phone; B&W warbler continues

A NEW feeder setup is in operation. In a much more simpler and safer setup for birds, especially large raptors, a pole type I created is installed with a large dome baffle made by Rob Bate. Hopefully, it will be more difficult for squirrels.

see the pic taken by Bobbi Manian
On another note, I got my new cell phone..Unfortunately, I lost all my alerts and so will be laborious to rebuild.I suggest  those of you not on Twitter please join my twitter group (see the right side bar --->)


From Bobbie Manian

Hi Peter,

I saw the B&W today on the wood-chip trail behind the containers on Center Drive (east of Nethermead Bridge). It was right where a tree had fallen across the path in the past. Not too far from where we saw it on Sunday. He flew right in front of me and we were so close we scared each other. Attached is a fairly crappy photo. This was around 1:15

Also 2 other photos of you and Rob and the New and Improved Feeders - to commemorate a strong start in the on-going drama: Peter vs. The Squirrels, Round II

I spent about 20 minutes at the feeders at 3:00 and the squirrels seemed content to forage for droppings on the ground. At least for now.

P.S. Good timing - Just got your test text from 404-04