Monday, June 25, 2012

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I use the Duck Stamps to gain entry to Federal Refuges without paying the admission fee. Even though there are not alot of such federal Fish &Wildlife refuges with entry fee in the NYC area ( nearest is Brigantine NWR in south Jersey  or go to ---> ), nevertheless, the monies go to buying wildlife habitat and vital land purchases, mostly wetlands.Its conservation POWER in your hands thru funding: a good way to beat  the land developers. Duck Stamps cover the year from July thru one year.. By the way, you can get also get duck Stamps on   ( Homepage Buy Stamps, under "Buy Collectibles" but its not available yet thru the Post Office , but this is only $1 s/h if you wait after the sale opens.)

From Ebirds

Hi all,

2013 Duck Stamps go on sale this Friday (June 29th).
You can order them online at

Each Duck Stamp is $15.00.

Birders should know a very large percentage of lands
acquired by the Fish & Wildlife Service as wildlife refuges
are paid for from the sale of Duck Stamps. If you love birds
and understand the principles of scientific conservation and
the value of protected, managed habitat for migrating
birds (and if you don't, you should), it is a no-brainer to buy
 a Duck Stamp.

Please buy a Duck Stamp and encourage other birders you
 know to do the same in person or via birding lists.

Good birding,

John Laver


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