Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Prospect 6/26: breeding birds and nesters inc OROR

From Eni Falci:

Hi Peter-
today was too nice not to walk the park. Mostly saw fledglings and adult birds feeding young. Most note worthy was  the orchard oriole family. I assume this is the one that nested in the pine near the camperdown elm tree. The yellow juvenile was in a tree at the foot of the stairs before the nethermead arch opposite the Binnen new bathing beach. The male was flying back and forth with food from a tree on the other side of the horse path. Also house wrens up the path to the pools with young at the tree that crossed the path and was eventually cut.
House wren w/ young
Robin @ nest with 3 chicks
Orchard oriole--> OROR
Warbling vireo with young
Green Heron flyover lullwater
Catbird w/young
Laughing gull flyover