Sunday, June 24, 2012

Prospect/Greenwood 6/24

Post from Orrin Tilevitz:

Early this morning I jogged around the park on the perimeter roadway and in addition to seeing a house sparrow heard the following birds:

Warbling vireo
House wren
Baltimore oriole
Northern cardinal
House wren

Later I spent a couple of hours in Green-Wood Cemetery.  Highlights were a downy woodpecker feeding its offspring and a mother raccoon leading her 5 babies on a Sunday morning jaunt and then up a tree.  Here is the list of birds I saw (or heard)

American robin
Northern mockinbird
European starling
Red-bellied woodpecker
Blue jay
House wren
Downy woodpecker
Northern cardinal
Great egret
Cedar waxwing
Mourning dove
Black-crownded night heron
Northern flicker
House sparrow
Chipping sparrow
Warbling vireo
Grey catbird
Baltimore oriole
Canada goose
House finch
Rock dove
Song sparrow