Monday, February 27, 2012

Conservation : A letter from AMNH ; Great Gull Island fundraiser  (clickable)

Dear BBC members and Brooklyn birding friend:

I received a personal letter from Helen Hays , Ornithologist for American Museum of Natural History and Chairman of the Great Gull Island Project. She is initializing a fundraising campaign . The letter below explains the purpose. Although I have never been to Great Gull, it is a fantastic place as mentioned from various sources. Hopefully, I can get there soon perhaps if I am around arrange donors to car pool in July..we'll see then.. If you would like to contribute --even if in small amounts,to this wonderful cause, mention that you are a Brooklyn Bird Cub member or in support of the BBC. Cumulatively, we can add it up !

The AMNH was a grand place to see birds in their exhibit displays as I recalled in my early youth (well still is) . In addition, with approval from the Brooklyn Bird Club council, we can add to the funds for a new Observation Blind .  Thanks,  Peter  ( I gave $50.00 already for a start so only 450.00 to go.)

P. S> This may become a Birdathon IBMD ( fundraising drive for the BBC to adopt , the Birdathon done annually in May, this year the 20th IMBD anniversary falling on May 12th. So, either now or later..... also, I invited Ms Hays to present an eve program for us, likely in early Fall.. stay tune for the spring newsletter  in April and our website calendar on this proposal..

Helen Hays letter to me:

Mr Peter Dorosh
Brooklyn Bird Club

Dear Peter:

Spring migration is nearing and avian visitors of all colors, sizes, and sounds will appear shortly. Flocks of terns will arrive to nest on Great Gull Island at the eastern end of Long Island Sound. We need your help in welcoming them.
Great Gull Island, a 17- acre island owned by the American Museum of Natural History ,is a research station where we have worked for 44 summers.Over 9,500 pairs of Common Terns, probably the largest colony of this species in the world, nest there as do over 1,300 pairs of the endangered Roseate Tern, the largest nesting concentration of this species in the hemisphere.

Observation blinds there were built between 1980 and 1984 need to be rebuilt and I would love to start replacing them this spring. The blinds are important for monitoring the colony, behavioral; studies as well as photographing different sections of the island. The wood for each blind cost about $500.00 . In recognition of a donation of $500.00 or more from your organization or from an individual , a naming plague will be affixed to a respective blind.It would be wonderful if the Brooklyn Bird Club or an interested individual could sponsor blind, but it would also help , if this is not possible , if a contribution of any size could be made toward the blind rebuilding project.

We will have a day trip to Great Gull Island for donors to the rebuilding project to see the progress made with the blinds, meet the researchers and see the terns, their chicks and young.
Please visit our website , for more information about Great Gull Island Project. Also, please feel free to call me if you have specific questions about making a  donation. In the meantime, I have included a return envelope for your Convenience and hope the Brooklyn Bird Club will become a part of the Great Gull Island Project's donor family. Thank you for your consideration.

Helen Hays
Chairman, Great Gull Island Project
For donor information,  send checks written out to "Great Gull Island Project-AMNH" and if you wish on the memo line Brooklyn Bird Club member

Helen Hays
Central Park West at 79th Street
New York, NY 10024