Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BBG & Prospect March 27th

From Orrin
BBG this morning.

Some mild activity in the native plant garden.

Malllard duck (4)
Red-bellied woodpecker
Northern flicker
Northern cardinal
Mourning dove
House sparrow
Golden-crowned kinglet (2)
Hermit thrush
Song sparrow (singing in rose garden)
White-throated sparrow (a few)
Blue jay (several)
American robin (many)


Peter's report

PINE WARBLER continues to offer the best  observations these days, two seen back in the woods of Lower Pool , and both shores which made it difficult to see them with the branches in the way. But patience was rewarded with very proximate looks at a sipping PINE at a very open Binnen Waters spot on the 3 Arches Nethermead Br south side. Its a potential good spot for the upcoming migration.

A pair of WOOD DUCKS were seen at the Upper Pool back shore, wary even as I approached the fence too far from them .

A BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT HERON juvenile on Three Sisters Islands, a flyover OSPREY at Terrace Bridge,  HERMIT THRUSH on the Quaker/Ravine slope  and a nice looking single CHIPPING SPARROW on the Peninsula meadow near Well Dr were some early spring  and appreciative sightings after work in late afternoon.

Prospect Park, Kings, US-NY
Mar 27, 2012 3:15 PM - 4:35 PM
Protocol: Traveling
2.0 mile(s)
28 species

Canada Goose  X
Mute Swan  X
Wood Duck  2 upper pool
Mallard  X
Ruddy Duck  45 lake
Black-crowned Night-Heron  1  at 3 sisters
Osprey  1  f/o Terrace Br
American Coot  X
Herring Gull  X
Rock Pigeon  X
Mourning Dove  X
Northern Flicker  2--one Pools , one Terrace Br
Eastern Phoebe  1 Lily Pool island
Carolina Wren  1  south Midwood
Golden-crowned Kinglet  1 Lower Pool
Hermit Thrush  1  Upper Pool back slope
American Robin  X
European Starling  X
Pine Warbler  3-- 2 Lower Pool; 1 Binnen Waters
Chipping Sparrow  1 Peninsula meadow
Song Sparrow  6
White-throated Sparrow  3
Northern Cardinal  X
Red-winged Blackbird  X
Common Grackle  X
American Goldfinch  3 Binne Waters
House Sparrow  X

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