Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13th 1st reports Prospect Osprey,Eastern Bluebird, Great Egret

The spring season's first OSPREY flew over the coffferdam section which is now mudlfat for the excavation of the new rink side phragmites ; later the raptor perched in a Gingko tree near the Terrace Bridge but again flew over the mudflats.

While perched in the Gingko, the Osprey moved its head frequently to get better perspectives of the water below....

Across the water opposite the Osprey, an immature COOPER'S HAWK perched as well, for a terrain delicacy though.

Late afternoon reports again centered on the Rink mudlfat, with Bobbi Manian  & Dennis H observing a GREAT EGRET there.

Earlier in the day, EASTERN BLUEBIRDS on flyovers heard and seen by Rob Jett at Ravine & Nellie's Lawn.

Noted by Rob "  I had two separate flyovers of Eastern Bluebirds in Prospect today. The first was just 2 birds that were passing over the Ravine towards the Long Meadow. The second was a flock of 4 birds that flew over Nelly's Lawn while I was checking on the red-tail nest "

Early spring migration is kicking into gear.....--KB