Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Photo of memorial bench for legendary birder Marty

Attached below is the photo of the Central Park bench for Marty Sohmer whom many likely did not know except the "old timers" ( like me) . But if you had had met  Marty, you would have been "blessed" by a "larger than life" ,dynamic and legendary birder who lived at Leffert Gardens ( by Prospect Park's Empire Blvd/Willink entrance or Wendy's ) for many years.

Thanks to Chris Cooper who organized the Central Park contribution drive with help as well from Brooklyn birders , below is the photo by Mike Bryant and directions to the bench which was dedicated and commemorated yesterday.

Here's Chris' account of the ceremony:

We had the dedication ceremony for the Central Park bench for Marty Sohmer yesterday; a lovely informal affair on a cold but clear morning, gathering about 40 of our area's longtime birders. Photos of Marty and favorite Marty stories abounded, and an aerial honor guard (the famed Fifth Ave. red-tails) did a flyover during the proceedings. We raised a glass of non-alcoholic sparkling cider to our friend and then gabbed the morning away. I thought the celebratory and convivial atmosphere was the best possible tribute to Marty, since he did so much to foster that spirit in our small community.
Anyway, I wanted to thank you and the Brooklyn Bird Club again for your contribution to this successful effort, and I wanted to let you guys know where the bench is located, in case you're in Central Park anytime soon. It's directly opposite where the bird feeders are in the Ramble, in a roughly triangular patch we birders call the Evodia Field. The easiest way to get there is probably to enter the Ramble by the Boathouse and walk more or less due west; you'll pass through one clearing, and then the next should be the Evodia Field.