Sunday, October 2, 2011

GHOW report Oct 2nd

I received a report of GREAT HORNED OWL heard hooting in the middle of the night in a northern Windsor Terrace neighborhood backyard. The owl was seen perched on a house antennae, while hooting away.

Steve Nanz and family were the lucky observers. Here is his report posted to Ebirds listserve :

This morning at about 3:45 AM, I was woken by my six year
 old daughter. She was a little upset by something. I could hear
 a muffled sound coming from out side our window.

It sounded like an owl!

 I woke Heidi and opened the window. It turned out to be a
Great Horned Owl, probably one of the Greenwood Cemetery
owls. (We live in Windsor Terrace between Prospect Park and
Greenwood.) It was perched on the antennae of the house behind
Mary Eyster's house and it was hooting away! So I called Mary
and went for my camera. I was too late with the camera but at
least Heidi got to see it just as it took off. Marry missed it but
we could still hear it hooting as it had flown only a block or two away.

Looks like Halloween is here early...