Friday, October 14, 2011

Request from a Minnesota birder

I received this note from Gerald from Minnesota,

Please email him if you can take him around. I'll be in Cape May for my oldest birding friend's wedding.


From Gerald:

Would you be willing to send this message to your group for me? I
contacted a birder in Brooklyn through Birding Pals. He was not
available but suggested I send a note to Brooklyn-birding-chatter. I
did, but it would not go through. GH

Fellow birders,

I will be in Brooklyn for the next few days and wonder if there is
someone who might be available for birding on Monday. I will be
staying with my son on 6th Ave near 15th St. I birded Prospect Pk in
August last year alone and will probably be able to get over there for
a few hours by myself Sat or Sun morning. I have also been to see the
parrots in the cemetery near there.

The time that would work best for me would be Monday between, say,
9:00-3:00 or so. We could do Prospect Park, but I would be
interested in doing other locations (Breezy Point? Jamaica Bay refuge?).
I am open to any suggestions. I'm a long-time experienced
birder but would by no means consider myself an expert.

Gerry Hoekstra (Northfield, MN)