Thursday, December 29, 2011

2 New Year's Day walk; OCWA + feederwatch

Two scheduled walks are holiday treats this coming Sunday New Years Day. One is the Brooklyn Bird Club walk and the other is the First Sunday Walk from the Audubon Boathouse Center at 10 am.

See for details on the BBC walk and see below info from Michele Dreger on 1st Sunday

I have been informed that the NY Times was going to cover the 1st Sunday Walk. If you are lucky, you might be photo...

From Michele Dreger :

Happy New Year everyone!
We have Paul Keim leading the tour this weekend. It starts at 10am at the Boathouse. Bring your own binoculars and have a great time...
Many of you know Paul and for those of you that don't, you are in for a real treat. His knowledge of the park, the flora and fauna will make this a very special walk.
If you can't make it, I hope to see you in February.. that walk will be at 10am also.

Michele, Eni and Vinnie

Today's Highlight was a very good bird still in thru the Holidays , an ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER reported by Mary Eyster along the narrow winding path that goes from the East Drive down to the Boathouse. The rare warbler was seen in a pine, then flew downward.

Feederwatch : late this afternoon 17 Whitethroated Sparrows,2 White-breasted Nuthatches, 3 Downy Woodpeckers, several House finches, Mourning Dove, BC Chickadee , Cardinal and a bright reddish brown with buffy breast CAROLINA WREN seen on the ground below the feeders.

Squirrel raids upon the feeders have become more bold ,these desperate creatures aggressive now due to an acorn crop crash this year. I presumed that they are flying down from a high distant tree perch, slamming unto the baffle but succeeding in knocking 2 feeders hard off the hook perch. Are they Nuts ? :)> I remedied it today with electrical type tape around the hook and loop. Can't stop them ( but I won't join them !).Bah humbug.... Seems like they are giving themselves a gift our expense