Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kings CBC Rarity alert

I will post more info later but the best bird on Kings County Xmas count was RED PHALAROPE seen very near the Fairway Supermarket, at the end  pier Van Brunt Street ( Artists shops pier) .  See Janet's Zinn post on her discovery


From Janet's post to Metrobirds listserve

A Red Phalarope was found by my team on the

Brooklyn (Kings County) CBC.

Location is behind the Fairway market in Red Hook,
at the end of Van Brunt street. The bird was in the section
of water bounded by the artist's warehouses on the left and
the water taxi pier on the right (across from the rusted out
trolley cars.)

It was swimming back and forth quite close to the wall
alongside the artist's warehouse, actively feeding and
 preening at times.

See around 2 p.m.

A photo is on my Facebook page here:

This is the first record for a Kings County CBC.

See by: Janet Zinn, Alan Baratz, Eric Salzman, Jerry Layton

Good luck if you go. (I know at least one of our Brooklyn CBC folks were

heading over tonight!)

Janet Zinn

Brooklyn, NY

_www.janetzinnphotography.com_ (


Other hilights from what I heard was NORTHERN SHRIKE at Floyd Bennett Field, along the forest edge of Camp Tamarack  which is just west of the boat ramp .and more which I forget right now.

Prospect park did very well with its first ever BLACK & WHITE WARBLER for the count, LITTLE GREEN HERON , first since 1987 on the overall count, ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER, BALTIMORE ORIOLE, COMMON YELLOWTHROAT ,GREAT HORNED OWLS among the best hilights.Unfortunately American Redstart wasnt found but qualified as Count Week bird.

More later , when I get the summary file from Rick the Compiler. TIME TO SLEEP...LOOOONG DAY...


Photo of Northern Shrike taken by Adam Welz:

Kings County finished with 132 species for its count tally.