Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 4th Prospect Lake; GWC report

Some action over the Lake plus the southern shore.

NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOW with small numbers of TREE SWALLOW and BARN SWALLOWS were seen by Rob Jett.

While working tree removal of a severely damage Ash tree on the south shore, a MERLIN flew a circuit above for Peter , a really cool bird buzzing the air there. Earlier a PINE WARBLER in one of the trees below.

at least 15 NORTHERN SHOVELER and about 18 RUDDIES with 4 PIED BILLED GREBE graced the Lake; a GREAT BLUE HERON partially hidden , perched on Three Sisters Islands.


GWC report Matthew Wills

Green-Wood Cemetery

Extended lunchtime walk through southwestern corner Green-Wood. Highlight an
Osprey perched above the Sylvan Water.

Canada Goose X
Mallard X
Osprey X
Red-tailed Hawk X
Rock Pigeon X
Mourning Dove X
Monk Parakeet X
Red-bellied Woodpecker X
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker X
Northern Flicker X
Eastern Phoebe X
Blue Jay X
Brown Creeper X
Golden-crowned Kinglet X
American Robin X
Northern Mockingbird X
European Starling X
Pine Warbler X
Dark-eyed Junco X
House Sparrow X