Monday, April 2, 2012

Upcoming April 7th Prospect walk

Note from Tom Stephenson:

Hi Birders,

The Brooklyn Bird Club's first spring bird walk is coming up and I wanted to send out a note because, like almost everything this year, it's earlier than any we've done in prior seasons....The warm weather this year has accelerated many of the flowers and trees' spring awakening, and already there are at least 3 species of warblers in the park including Pine, Palm and Louisiana Waterthrush.

The walk will be this coming Sat., April 7, starting at 8AM (note later time than most of the rest of the BBC walks.)
We'll be leaving from the Grand Army Plaza entrance, starting on the park side, right across from the arch.

Here's the link to this walk as well as the upcoming Thursday series and other weekend walks.

As usual we'll slowly cover a good part of the park, listening and watching for all of our great apring migrants.

See you Saturday.

Best regards,