Friday, April 20, 2012

May 12th IBMD or Brooklyn Birdathon

This post is an update on the latest regarding the upcoming May 12th International Bird Migratory Day ( or better known as The Birdathon).

As of this date, one team will participate in this year's event. That team is Donna Evans, Dennis Hrehowsik, Bob Washburn, & Mike Yuan

This year, I will be away in northeast Ohio to visit relatives but fortunately birding in the "Warbler Capital of North America ", namely famed Magee Marsh and the rest of the great places in that area  ( see .( it's also where Mary Eyster and I saw the ultra rare Kirtlands Warbler)

Thereby, my team is taking a break from Brooklyn Birding IBMD . But I will still be participating that day along with Mary in Magee Marsh and Ohio's Lake Erie southern shores .

You can support by species seen by the Brooklyn team or me/Mary or yourself thru species total (  monetary amount per species that is or fixed amounts.Whatever....)

Species totals accounts will be posted on this blog  post Birdathon

If you are interested in participating with a team or with friends, consider supporting our 2012 cause. This year, the BBC decided to support the Great Gull Island Project which is off the North Fork tip of Long Island, a haven for terns and seabirds. Great Gull Island is owned by the NYC American Museum of Natural History Ornithology Dept, directed by Chairman Helen Hays. Here' s more information on the cause:

(By the way, Ms. Hays will be our Brooklyn Bird Club program guest speaker on Great Gull Island in mid September at the Litchfield Villa .Check the BBC Calendar webpage over the summer)

Unfortunately, there is no group walk for Prospect Park May 12th. I am looking for anyone willing to lead a group and support the conservation efforts of Great Gull Island. A modest goal of $500.00 is needed to replace old bird wood blinds built in the early 1980's for new wood materials.

My BBC contact information list below. I hope you can help this year's cause. There is an opportunity to visit the island for donors. ( more info later)  No need to send any money now but pledges are welcome and details can be sent regarding who to pay.



Saturday May 12th, "The Birdathon", The 20th Anniversary International Migratory Bird Day
A global event celebrating the beauty of birds and habitats. This event encourages fundraising for conservation causes. A cause will be discussed and adopted by the Birdathon team members, posted on the Prospect Sightings blog (see ) prior to the event. This year marks the 20th anniversary of IMBD.

If you are interested in forming a team with likewise members or friends with encouragement for pledges and fundraising, or need more information, or details on the Prospect Park walk, please contact the BBC Birdathon coordinator Peter Dorosh at .Event profile: