Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Prospect April 17th ; foy RBGR

From Chris Elliot:

Hi Peter, 

I had a Black-and-white Warbler singing this morning at Ambergill Creek, slightly upstream of the Falls.There was a huge influx of Yellow-rumped Warblers overnight; I counted 74 this morning. There wasn’t much else new, but Chimney Swifts had arrived (6 over Lookout Hill), a Brown Thrasher was in the Midwood, White-throated Sparrows were singing everywhere, an Osprey and two Laughing Gulls flew over Lookout, and Palm warblers continued (15).

From Eni Falci:

Season's first (or foy)  ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK

Hi Peter-
Had a free day and went to see what was around.
Note worthy my first Rose-breasted Grosbeak spotted in the wooded slope between Vale and rose garden opposite area planted by our club. Must have been a young bird white wing markings were just coming in but had the right beak and distinctive eyeline breast was pale and not streaked so probably was a young male.
6 wood ducks on the upper pools - all pairs.
Also someone should check hawk nest in Nellies Lawn - female sitting high in nest and seemed to be looking into nest at movement - could mean chicks!
Red tailed Hawk - nest
wood ducks 3 pairs
Canada Goose (nest on island @ pools)
Rose-breasted Grosbeak
hermit thrushes
yellow rumped warblers many
palm warblers few 
chipping sparrows
Swamp sparrows 2 vale
white throated sparrow 
Red bellied woodpeckers many calling
red winged  black birds  more females
2 white breasted nuthatches near boulder bridge
Carolina wren calling in midwood.
tufted titmouse calling behind rose garden


From Orrin:

Common yellowthroat (bright male) in the native plant garden, along with a palm warbler, a towhee, many yellow-rumped warblers and a host of hermit thrushes.