Monday, May 21, 2012

Back home,

Lat Friday was Endangered Species Day


Back home after an excellent BBC nature trip to the Jersey Pine Barrens where we accumulated a surprising 115 bird species including about 240 Whimbrel at Brigatine /Edward Forsyth NWR in a 2nd round trip on the wildlife drive in the eve when they came in.Many spots were fascinating scenic locations. List will be posted on the BBC trips blog by midweek.[ and I did get two new warbler species for my year's 30th,2 Yellowthroated (thanks to Mary Eyster's hearing ) and Worm-eating]


I presumed Sunday's 5/20 BBC Friends walk did go thru and if anyone has a list , please forward


5/18 report from Orrin:

BBGarden this morning

Black-crowned night heron
Mallard duck
Common yellowthroat
Blackpoll warbler
Yellow warbler
Northern parula
Black and white warbler
Red-eyed vireo
Warbling vireo
House wren
Eastern kingbird
Wood thrush (heard)
Eastern towhee (heard)
Song sparrow
Northern cardinal
Grey catbird
Northern mockingbird
European starling
Mourning dove
American robin
House sparrow