Saturday, May 12, 2012

brief reports while i am away

I recd the following reports via text messages (limited to rare birds) and email on laptop at a relative's Toledo OHIO home for now.

From Steve Nanz today Prospect

Worm-eating warbler in “sparrowbowl , vale betwwn the picnic & tennis houses
From Mike Yuan today Prospect

Tennessee Warbler south Midwood

Seen by Emily Goldstein today

Summer Tanager base of Maryland Monument


From Steve Addinall Prospect 5/12

Hi Peter, best bird this morning was Philadelphia Vireo near the barbecue area at the bottom of lookout hill.


From Orrin Tilevitz BBG 5/11

Wilson's warbler at BBG this morning. Otherwise, a bunch of ordinary warblers, red-eyed and warbling vireos, and a kingbird.

PS I am enjoying an excellent migration in the best region in north america for migrants variety and rarities in the midwest flyway OHIO south shore of lake today was a female KIRTLANDS WARBLER (rarest warbler in North Amer)in Magee Marsh (Thanks to Doug Gochfeld texting me on KIWA.Rafael is here too but havent bumped into him yet)..also saw Tundra and trumpeter swans..wish i could send them your way.....heres more for you--

for my personal birdathon :
Total species seen in Ohio 67 species ( going casual pace)