Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Prospect May 1st

A wet morning for the first day of May diminished any chance for birds; it was after the rain at least some salvaging signs of birding activity.

An uptick in GRAY CATBIRD numbers  was most notable, particularly in the Midwood and a few other wooded spots. Among them , in the "sparrowbowl" next to the Tennis House, WOOD THRUSH put in an appearance. I spotted after work  a YELLOW WARBLER on Breeze Hill, which was also holding a good number of CHIPPING SPARROWs on the meadow. NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH at the usual back shore of Lower Pool.

Matthew Rymkiewicz reported LEAST SANDPIPER in late afternoon inside the cofferdam adjacent to the rink , with a good area of mudflat that suits shorebirds.So far its three species there this spring.