Sunday, May 6, 2012

Saturday May 12th IMBD or the Birdathon Support information

This coming Saturday is International Bird Migratory Day  or better known as "the Birdathon"  ( for more about what it is and how critical this day represents in supporting bird conservation , see

One Brooklyn Bird Club team (Dennis Hreshowsik, Donna Evans, BobWashburn , Mike Yuan) is participating in supporting our Conservation Birdathon cause this year.

The conservation oriented organization BBC adopted and likewise members making personal contributions is

GREAT GULL ISLAND directed by the American Museum of Natural History

Please send checks  ( and note on memo line Brooklyn Bird Club 2012 Birdathon)  paid out to :

Great Gull Island c/o Chair Helen Hays AMNH

Mail to

Helen Hays, AMNH Ornithology

Central Park West at 79th Street

New York, NY  10024

Monies sent will replace very old tern monitoring blinds ( erected early 1980's)  used to study Common and Roseate Terns. The goal is to reach $500.00, a modest amount.

You can send fix /flat amounts OR base your donation per bird species on the total species seen by the BBC team who will send me their results via text message for posting to this blog. ( per species, for example .15 or .25 , or .50  or 1.00 , assuming 125 species reported x .25 equals $31.25 )

Whatever amount you wish to contribute means you are deeply concerned about birds and wish to make a personal impact for the conservation of birds, their habitats and their continued future role in our lives. Please support the Birdathon. Thank you.

If you wish to participate on a personal fundraising birding drive, you can contribute based on your personal species list.

I hope to get  a Prospect Park walk set up but none is planned May 12th unless someone contacts me asap to lead a walk or gather as a group walk and I will post to this blog the walk details. My email address is

Good birding