Thursday, May 31, 2012

Butterfly project organization

Many of us birders also follow butterflies. I was alerted by a birding friend, Doug about a butterfly group where I live , Windsor Terrace, called The Brooklyn Butterfly Project  Windsor Terrace Greenway. It's run by Jennifer Hopkins.

It's a worthy and fascinating hobby, following the world of butterflies, more so noble when you are involved in their conservation. Check on the link above if you can get involved in your neighborhood.

Here's the website mission statement:

Windsor Terrace Greenway Project in Brooklyn

Our aim is to encourage residents in the Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn area to plant butterfly and bird friendly plants to support travel for birds and butterflies between Prospect Park and Greenwood Cemetery.

We provide residents with information about planting backyards, decks and windowsills so that these beautiful creatures will have "rest stops" between these two habitats.