Monday, August 6, 2012

Prospect 8/6;8/5 walk

--2 Forster Terns sitting atop electric boat Prospect lake; 1 juv.

--Spotted SP lakeshore
--also of note RT Hummingbird in the Midwood


Results of First Sunday walk inc 3 warbler species + 2 later post walk
leading and reporting, Ann Murray:

List for 8/5 Walk (plus 2 additions).

We had about 14 people on the walk today.  Below is our list.

Baltimore Orioles – female and juveniles
American Redstart – Lullwater
Northern Waterthrush – upper pool
Black and White Warbler – Lullwater
Chipping Sparrow - juvenile
Wood Ducks – 4 at upper pool and 1 on Lullwater
Warbling Vireo – heard and seen
Red-Eyed Vireo
Cedar Waxwings – adults and juveniles
Eastern Kingbirds
Great Blue Heron – Lilly pond
Kingfisher – Female – lower pool
Northern Mocking Bird
Caroline Wren
Tufted Titmice (including one juvenile)
Downy Woodpecker – heard
Red Bellied Woodpecker – juvenile
Barn Swallows
Chimney Swifts
Red-winged Blackbirds

Blue Jays
House Sparrows

I took a quick walk around the lake before the official walk and saw:

Yellow Warblers – 3 Sisters
Spotted Sandpiper – 3 Sisters
Northern Waterthrush – three
Baltimore Orioles – 2 Adult Males
Green Herons
Song Sparrow
Laughing Gull

Monica Berger saw on the way out: Louisiana Waterthrush and Yellow Warbler by the binnenwater back observation platform