Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Current wind direction; PP brief word

A look at the weather says Northwest Wind thru all evening..There should be a good push of birds.  Tonight might be entertaining and sky should see Common Nighthawks.Nethermead is the best spot  to view these birds over Quaker Ridge  and the mead as well.

From Accuweather.com  hourly says From 5 pm to midnight, wind is NW all the way.

Wind (mph)11 NW10 NW10 NW9 NW9 NW8 NW8 NW8 NW

Be sure to bird tomorrow..it should be good... ( try calling in sick...but ...I took a last minute Vacation day ..wink wink)


hilights today

YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT  seen late morning by Bobbi Manian along the north end of the Midwood bridle trail. Also WORM-EATING WARBLER same spot

2 BLUE-WINGED WARBLERS at the south end o f that horse trail in Midwood, with a 1st yr NORTHERN PARULA and 2 B&W WARBLERS. ( obs-- me, Bobbi, BOb Oneill)