Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Evening Nethermead watch 8/28

6-8 pm

7 COMMON NIGHTHAWKS flew in the skies above Prospect Park's Nethermead from 7:00 to 8:05 as 4 of us enjoyed a picnic in sort of a August end tradition . (Observers -Peter D. , Mary Eyster, Bobbi Manian, Dennis Hrehowsik)

Numerous Barn Swallows accompanied the Nighthawks and we also were delighted with 2 ORHARD ORIOLE females in the tree in front of us.



Common Nighthawks-7
Orchard Oriole-2
Barn Swallows, numerous
Tree Swallows
Northern Flicker
American Redstart
Red-tailed Hawk ( low fly)
Chimney Swifts
Brown Bat-2