Monday, August 27, 2012

Prospect August 27th; history on battlefield bird turf; bird report

 Today is a historical day for Brooklyn , especially with Prospect Park caught squat in the middle of it. The 236th anniversary of the Battle of Brooklyn ( some call it Long Island....I don't !).


On a lunch hour interrupted by a thunderstorm, the south side of the Esdale Bridge, in the Ambergill Creek, a PHILADELPHIA VIREO appeared off to the side in a hawthorne tree (?) . In this same general area, 2 BLUE-WINGED WARBLERS, one seen well eventually in the Tulip tree adjacent to the vireo spot. Other warblers seen over the creek were YELLOW, NORTHERN PARULA, BLACK-THROATED BLUE with WARBLING VIREO going back and forth across the open creek. Later a RED-EYED VIREO showed up .

For a short span, a good show just standing in one spot before chased by impending raindrops.


Adam Welz informed me he started his own twitter account for bird sightings in Prospect and Brooklyn.
here's the address: