Monday, October 11, 2010

October 11th Prospect ,GWC & BBG ,various reports

Excellent numbers of WHITE-THROATED SPARROW  with a supporting cast of AMERICAN GOLDFINCH dominated the Butterfly Meadow;along with the flocks there, 5 EASTERN TOWHEE and two WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW (WCSP) inside the fence . Of the latter species, two more WCSP were spotted at the base of SW Lookout, at Lamppost #249, and also 2 more WCSP at the ball fields west fence enclosure. Total WCSP was 6 for the day.And throw in a few PURPLE FINCH seen at the Maryland Monument slope trail.

The ball fields fence enclosure-- despite park workers working the field earlier--had Savannah Sparrow  and Golden Crowned Kinglets but no Palm Warblers, presumed kaput.. Kinglet numbers tailed off from previously reported higher numbers which no doubt took off last night after staging ( buildup) from yesterday.

Last, a notable warbler seen at Lamppost #249 , before flying off towards the Vanderbilt Playground, a NASHVILLE WARBLER. By this time, most usual warblers will be gone except the Yellow rumped which usually sticks around the winter, and the occasional late season types. So, keep an eye out for the rare ones...

Meanwhile, a late afternoon visit to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden produced these best sightings:  patrolling PEREGRINE FALCON over the Japanese Garden, towards Flatbush Ave; 3 more White-crowned Sparrows between the Monocot section and the Rock Garden; 38 Common Grackle on the grass in Dr.Ronald McNair Park, across the street from the Washington Ave north entrance..Spaced out ! ( Dr McNair was an astronaut)

Location: Prospect Park

Observation date: 10/11/10

Number of species: 44

Canada Goose 43 lake

Mute Swan 5 lake

Mallard X

Northern Shoveler 13 lake

Ruddy Duck 21 lake

Double-crested Cormorant 1 lake

Black-crowned Night-Heron 1 on 3 Sisters Isl

American Coot 3 lake west shore

Herring Gull 3 lake

Rock Pigeon X

Mourning Dove X

Chimney Swift 1 f/o Lookout Hill

Red-bellied Woodpecker 2- Lookout Hill

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 1  Lookout Hill

Downy Woodpecker 2 Lookout

Northern Flicker (Yellow-shafted) 2 Lookout Hill

Eastern Phoebe 5 --3 Ballfields

Blue Jay 2

Black-capped Chickadee 1 lookout hill

White-breasted Nuthatch 2 lookout hill

Brown Creeper 2 --1 sw woods, 1  lookout hill

Carolina Wren 1 lookout hill

House Wren 1 Peninsula sumacs

Golden-crowned Kinglet 20 various

Ruby-crowned Kinglet 8

Hermit Thrush 3 lookout hill

American Robin X

Gray Catbird 1

European Starling X

Nashville Warbler 1 LP 249

Black-throated Blue Warbler 1 Lookout

Common Yellowthroat 1

Eastern Towhee 5 Butterfly Meadow; 3 males

Chipping Sparrow 1 Ballfields

Savannah Sparrow 8  Ballfields

Song Sparrow 30 various

Swamp Sparrow 3- LP 249; 2 Lookout

White-throated Sparrow 60 Butterfly Meadow or Lookout Summit

White-crowned Sparrow 6--2 Butterfly Meadow; 2 LP 249; 2 Ballfields

Dark-eyed Junco 4 Ballfields

Northern Cardinal 2

Purple Finch 2 south Lookout Hill slope trail by MaryMonument

American Goldfinch 30 Butterfly Meadow

House Sparrow X

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BBG Report:

Location: Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Observation date: 10/11/10 mid-late afternoon

Number of species: 20

Canada Goose 1

Mute Swan 1

Great Blue Heron 1 perched on stone Japanese Lantern

Peregrine Falcon 1 f/o hunting patrol

Rock Pigeon X

Mourning Dove X

Red-eyed Vireo 1

Golden-crowned Kinglet 2

Ruby-crowned Kinglet 5

Hermit Thrush 2

American Robin X

European Starling X

Palm Warbler 1

Song Sparrow 4

Swamp Sparrow 1

White-throated Sparrow 35

White-crowned Sparrow 3--1 ad;2 juv

Common Grackle 38

House Finch 5

House Sparrow X

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From John Ascher:

Hi Peter,

I saw yet another Gray-cheeked type Thrush this afternoon
(Mon) about 4PM at the base of Lookout Hill in the barbecue
area. I also saw an immature White-crowned Sparrow and
 many Song Sparrows. No Palm Warblers although yesterday
(Sun) we saw many of these and a Black-throated Green.


John S. Ascher, Ph.D.

Bee Database Project Manager

From Rob Bate:

Great numbers of sparrows and kinglets.  I had Lincoln Sparrow as well as White-crowned on the Penninsula and behind the skating rink.

Observation date:     10/11/10
Number of species:     32

Canada Goose     X
Mute Swan     X
Mallard     X
Double-crested Cormorant     X
Sharp-shinned Hawk     X
Rock Pigeon     X
Mourning Dove     X
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker     X
Downy Woodpecker     X
Blue Jay     X
Black-capped Chickadee     X
Brown Creeper     X
Carolina Wren     X
House Wren     X
Golden-crowned Kinglet     X
Ruby-crowned Kinglet     X
Hermit Thrush     X
American Robin     X
Gray Catbird     X
European Starling     X
Northern Parula     X
Magnolia Warbler     X
Yellow-rumped Warbler     X
Common Yellowthroat     X
Savannah Sparrow     1
Song Sparrow     50
Lincoln's Sparrow     2
Swamp Sparrow     8
White-crowned Sparrow     3
Dark-eyed Junco     2
Northern Cardinal     X
House Sparrow     X

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From Monica Berger:
Hi Peter: I did a quick sparrow run today and can report that the/a
Lincoln's sparrow is still in the sparrow bowl. Nothing else unusual
although I did have two merlins, one perched, one flyover. ~Monica

From Rob Jett:
 Location:     Greenwood Cemetery
Observation date:     10/11/10
Number of species:     50
Canada Goose     X
Mallard     X
Great Blue Heron     1
Osprey     1
Sharp-shinned Hawk     1
Cooper's Hawk     1
Red-tailed Hawk     3
American Kestrel     2
Merlin     1
Peregrine Falcon     3
Spotted Sandpiper     1
Herring Gull (American)     X
Rock Pigeon     X
Mourning Dove     X
Monk Parakeet     30
Red-bellied Woodpecker     3
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker     6
Downy Woodpecker     2
Northern Flicker (Yellow-shafted)     X
Eastern Phoebe     12
Blue-headed Vireo     1
Blue Jay     X
Black-capped Chickadee     5
Red-breasted Nuthatch     2
White-breasted Nuthatch     5
Carolina Wren     1
Winter Wren     1
Golden-crowned Kinglet     40
Ruby-crowned Kinglet     20
Hermit Thrush     4
American Robin     X
Northern Mockingbird     8
European Starling     X
Northern Parula     3
Black-throated Blue Warbler     1
Yellow-rumped Warbler     12
Palm Warbler     14
Palm Warbler (Western)     1
Ovenbird     1
Common Yellowthroat     3
Chipping Sparrow     100
Swamp Sparrow     2
White-throated Sparrow     200
Dark-eyed Junco     100
Scarlet Tanager     1
Northern Cardinal     X
Indigo Bunting     1
Common Grackle     X
American Goldfinch     X
House Sparrow     X
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